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Outdoor Adult Camping Games – Fun by the Fire

Tired of playing the same old camping games? Most of us know about flip cup, beer pong, scavenger hunt, and of course the keep it going story telling around the camp fire.  Some of these Outdoor Adult Camping Games have never been heard of before or are a twist to some oldies but goodies.

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A day light game that doesn’t require too much physical activity, and a great way to start drinking under the sun.  You will need a frisbee, 4 heavy-duty plastic cups, 4 shoulder-length sticks or poles, and 4 players.

Arrange 2 poles sticking out of the ground about 1.5 – 2 feet apart parallel to each other, then arrange the other 2 poles exactly the same about 12 or more feet away from the first pair of poles. Put the 4 cups bottom side up on the 4 poles.

2 players of the opposite team stand behind the poles that are two feet apart. Object of the game is either to throw the frisbee between the two poles that are 12 feet awat, or knock a cup off one or both of the sticks.

If the frisbee goes through the poles without knocking off a cup, the team throwing the frisbee gets 3 points. If the opposing team player catches the frisbee that flies through the poles, there are no points. If the frisbee knocks a cup off a pole and hits the ground, the team that knocked the cup off gets 1 point. If the opposing team member catches the cup before it hits the floor, there are no points.

The best part about this game is that you have to play with a drink in your hand at all times rendering you with only one hand to catch the frisbee or cup with. If at any point any team member either drops or spills their beverage, a point is appointed to the apposing team.

Capture the Shot

My adult version of an egg hunt, but with booze. You need 2 opposing teams, doesn’t matter how many players. I like to use the red and blue solo shot cups to play this game, but you can play with any kind of cups, as long as you know which cups belong to which team. The smaller the cup the better.

The object of the game is to hide shots from the other team around the campsite. The first team to find all the shots hidden by the other team wins. There is no time limit, and of course when a shot is found it must be taken.

Truth or Want

A great way to show how well you know your friends, and to get to know them even better. This game is designed to spark conversation around the camp fire, while throwing back some cold ones.

You need at least 4 players. Everyone writes on a piece of paper either “I have” or “I want”, then finish the sentence with something they have done, or something they want to do. Fold up all the papers and throw them in a hat.

Someone starts off by picking a paper out of the hat, and reads it out loud. The person who picked the paper has to guess who wrote it.  If they guess right, the person they called out takes a shot, if guessed wrong the guesser takes the shot. The hat gets passed around the circle until everyone has been guessed.

Who knows what secrets can come out after a few drinks with your friends under the stars.

Bulls Eye

Exactly how it sounds. A target is agreed upon by everyone siting at the campfire. It could be a spot on a tree, an empty beer can, anything. The object of the game is obviously to hit the target with rock, stick, or whatever you have collected, or find next to your chair.

If you hit the target, everyone else gets to drink.

Melting Mellow

No camping experience is complete without just lounging in your chair staring into the fire and poking it with a stick, and of course marshmallows. Melting Mellow is just that. Everyone puts a marshmallow on a stick and puts it in the fire at the same time. Who ever can keep the marshmallow on the stick the longest before it melts off, or doesn’t give into the temptation of eating it, wins.

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shot!

Simple enough. You play rock paper scissor shot with the person next to you, if you lose you take a shot, if you tie no one takes a shot. Keep it going around the circle, the faster the drunker.

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