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  • What is the Best Camping Bed – avoiding aches and pains

    Sleeping under the stars doesn’t mean compromising comfort and giving up a good nights rest. Sleeping directly on the ground can be hard, lumpy, and can get very cold and wet. Choosing the right bedding can dramatically increase your overnight camping experience. The best camping bed to avoid aches and pains depends on your needs…

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  • Best Large Cooler on Wheels – Yeti Tundra Review

    Yeti Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler  Best place to buy: Amazon Costs: $399 Outside dimensions: L 28 1/4″ x W 18 5/8″ x H 19 1/2″ Inside dimensions: L 19″ x W 13 5/8″ x H 11 1/4″ Comes in: Blue / Tan / White Large, virtually indestructible, unmatched insulating power, with a sleek design, on…

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  • Camping and Food Safety – Cooking Outdoors

    It’s just not camping without outdoor cooking on an open fire. With limited space, equipment, light, refrigeration, and sanitation, Camping and Food Safety can be a bit complicated. Just because you’re roughing it out in the wilderness, doesn’t mean you have to throw food safety out the window. There’s nothing more embarrassing and inconvenient than…

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  • Outdoor Adult Camping Games – Fun by the Fire

    Tired of playing the same old camping games? Most of us know about flip cup, beer pong, scavenger hunt, and of course the keep it going story telling around the camp fire.  Some of these Outdoor Adult Camping Games have never been heard of before or are a twist to some oldies but goodies. Need…

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  • Campgrounds Near Me – Best Places to Camp

    There are four basic types of campgrounds, each type of location having its pros and cons. When searching for campgrounds near me, I take a few things into consideration before I decide where to camp. First thing that determines what type of campground I stay at is directly correlated on time and distance. If on…

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