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About Katherine

Welcome to the Intents Outdoors website. The outdoors can be a magical place filled with beauty, relaxation, and adventure. It can also make one feel more connected with the earth, lower anxiety, and helps clear the mind.

Nature can also be ruthless and unforgiving, especially if you don’t have the right gear or supplies. With so many options out there, choosing your equipment can be overwhelming.

City Kid

I grew up in the suburbs of Queens NY then Miami, and never really experienced nature other than the local parks as a kid. I didn’t grow up in an outdoorsy family. In fact, till this day I just may be the only one in my family that has ever spent a night in a tent.

My first time camping I was in my 20’s and had to borrow everything from the one friend I had who has ever camped before. I was very nervous sleeping outdoors by myself in a tent. Every sound had me on edge, but needless to say, I fell in love…. I was hooked!

Immediately I started buying my own equipment starting with the basics. Being young, poor, and inexperienced, I just bought what ever was cheapest.

I got lucky with some of the gear I purchased, but most of it was poor quality and didn’t last long. I just wish that I had someone that could have giving me some advice on what to buy for my particular needs.


Go Out and Play

Today more people stay indoors than ever before watching TV, playing video games, or trolling on social media. We need to get out there and experience the healing properties of nature.

Within the last year my partner and I have taken legal custody of our nephews ages 9 and 10. Just getting them to play outside after school away from their devices is a struggle. You can only imaging the fight trying to take them camping without AC, mosquitoes, not to mention no Wi-Fi.

Now going camping together is one of our favorite pas times when we can connect as a family and truly get to know and help each other without electronic and social distractions.


What Do You Need?

Having poor quality, faulty, over priced, or even the wrong equipment can dramatically affect your outdoor experience.

My site will help you compare the most popular gear with honest reviews from people just like you so that you can make the best purchasing decision for  your personal needs.  Products that are sold from different vendors to give you the best prices out there.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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  1. Horacio Civalero

    Great stuff learned Few things and also very well Written not to mention Flows nice and is entertaining as well as Informative..Great job ..Keep up great work Please..We Need Great outdoors info Like this


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